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Painting Professionals You Can Always Count On

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Interior Painting

Interior walls, doors, trims, mouldings, and ceilings is our bread and butter, its majority of our business and our specialty. We take the time and care to give the walls the love and energy it deserves, from repairing damages, to sanding walls, caulking gaps and filling nail holes, all the right steps to ensure you receive the quality job we can all be proud of!


Exterior Painting

Living in southern Ontario we only get a few short months every year to enjoy the beautiful summer. We like to take advantage of this time and tackle our exterior projects. We took the time to develop and acquire the proper equipment, products, procedures and process to ensure your exterior home is treated professionally. We have the correct treatments for all exterior materials, woods, metals, concrete, stone and the list continues. By specially treating each product individually it will prolong the life span of the job and keep your home looking beautiful year after year!


We take old kitchen or washroom cabinets and bringing them back to life! We have a system and high-tech equipment to take old wood, vinyl, or MDF cabinets and turn them into beautiful modern doors. We remove them from your home for a few short days, take them to our shop sand them down, prime and give them an air sprayed oil based Lacquer finish. All our clients LOVE this service, the doors return to your home as if we purchased them brand new! Update your entire kitchen with a face lift that won’t  break the bank on a huge renovation. This service can also be applied to furniture, doors, paneling, mouldings, etc.



Our staining services include application of stain and varnish oil or water on all brand new stairs, railings, floors, decks, sheds, furniture, cabinetry, paneling, etc. We also provided re staining services for old wood, where we sand and remove old varnish and stain in order to change colour or give updated look.

Stucco Ceiling Removal

Today’s modern look for ceilings is flat, the old popcorn stucco style is old and dated. A flat ceiling is definitely aesthetically pleasing and clean cut, it generally makes a home look bigger, brighter and taller. We are aware most of our clients live through home renovations, so we have mastered a technique to minimize dust in the process of removal. We know cleanliness is just as important as quality, which is why we do one section at a time, close off the area and always leave a clean work environment. It’s our work site but it’s you home, and we respect it!



Generally done on the garage floor, epoxy is a good way to make the garage a multi-use area. When done right, epoxy has a many benefits such as protection from oil or grease stains, cracks and moisture. Epoxy has a smooth and clean finish, easy to clean and extremely durable. Ask about our colourful decorative flakes!